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  • 5 Ways to Calm Your Interview Nerves

    By: Peter Yang- Courtesy of Vault

    You can’t seem to help it: every time you go into an interview it feels like you’re venturing into a lion’s den. Your body stiffens and your palms begin to sweat. You tell yourself to take a deep brea … Read more

  • Answering “Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job”?

    By: Courtesy of Vault

    “So why do you want to leave your current job?” Like many interview questions, there are lots of potential subtexts that might start running through your head when you hear this one come out of an int … Read more

  • End Your Interview on a High Note with This Question

    By: Peter Yang- Courtesy of Vault

    One of your top priorities as a job candidate should be to end your interview with a power punch – something that’ll make you stand out and show your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s hard t … Read more

  • Things Never to Say in an Interview

    By: Courtesy of Vault

    Interviewing can be a delicate process. Employers want you to succeed, but their primary goal is to find someone who fits their company and brings the necessary skills. It doesn’t take much to create … Read more

  • How to Answer: “What is your weakness?”

    By: Courtesy of Vault

    It’s a commonly asked interview question: “What is your weakness?” Employers ask it for insight into how you respond to such a question as well as the substance of your answer. Here are some tips for … Read more

  • 3 Body Language Tips that Will Help You Succeed in an Interview

    By: Courtesy of Vault

    Proper body language is especially important in interviews, where the first impression you make can determine whether or not you land the job.  See the video.

  • Coping with Difficult Interviews and Questions

    By: Courtesy of Vault

    Early in my career, I interviewed with a woman I knew outside of the professional arena. She told me I could come in to discuss working with her. Because we knew each other, I figured she had a good g … Read more

  • Elements of a Cover Letter


    Following the header and company contact information, your letter has three primary components: the introduction, the body, and the closing. Each has a distinct purpose. Writing Preparation Before you … Read more

  • Why You Need a Cover Letter

    By: Courtesy of Vault

    Do you really need to send a cover letter with your résumé? The answer is yes. Even though many resumes are now uploaded to online systems, or sent via e-mail or other electronic methods, a cover lett … Read more

  • What Not to Include in Your Resume

    By: Courtesy of Vault

    What Not to Include in Your Resume Some things are inappropriate for a resume or simply better not to include. Here are some rules of thumb about what to avoid. Personal Information Do not include per … Read more