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  • Join the Peace Corps!

    By: Anna Williams, Peace Corps Recruiter

    If you’re looking for a life changing experience abroad with a commitment to community, look no further than the Peace Corps. From Albania to Zambia, Peace Corps volunteers serve all over the world du … Read more

  • Your College Has a Career Center. Here Are 5 Good Reasons to Use It!

    By: James Andersen is Career and Placement Services Coordinator at Coastal Carolina Community College

    Josh just graduated from a major university two months ago with a degree in computer science. Josh has a lot going for him. He’s young and driven, and he’s super-duper smart. He’s the kind of guy that … Read more

  • Feeling Lost? The Best Careers Change and Evolve

    By: Melanie Buford

    A senior psychology major came into my office the other day. She dropped her bag, plopped down into a chair, and said “I’m lost!” With relatively little prompting, the story came out. She already knew … Read more

  • Why do You Want to Go to Graduate School?: Five Tips for Navigating (and Learning from) the Application Process

    By: Holly Sims, Teaching Fellow, Romance Studies

    If you are applying to graduate school—or even just considering it—then you probably have at least a few questions about the application process. They may look something like these: How many letters o … Read more

  • Climb to Your Career in Four Years

    By: Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

    Where will you be in four years? Will you be ready to join the work force? Maybe you have your future planned: You know what you want to be after graduation and you have an idea of how to get there. O … Read more

  • Grad School: Getting In

    By: Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

    Fast Fact: Each year, approximately one-quarter of the graduating class goes on to graduate school. Getting into grad school is far from a slam-dunk. Undergraduates are up against not only their peers … Read more

  • Grad School: Application Timeline

    By: Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

    Follow this general timeline to keep yourself on track. Time frames are approximate: Check the deadlines for your schools of interest and adjust accordingly. Junior Year (Fall) Many graduate schools l … Read more

  • Grad School: To Go or Not to Go

    By: Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

    Should you go on to graduate school? Is it the right move for you at this point in your career? Give your decision careful consideration, weighing all the factors, including: Your career path What do … Read more

  • Writing the Personal Statement

    By: William O. Taylor, PhD, Pre-Law & Pre-Graduate Advising Coordinator

    Your personal statement is your chance to let an admissions committee know who you are and how admitting you will benefit: you as a professional, the field you will one day contribute to, and their pr … Read more

  • Making the Most of Your Summer

    By: Resa Brinkley, Health Professions Advising Coordinator

    You hear it everywhere. “I finally lined up my internship.” “Where is your summer internship?” “Internships are SO important.” So, do you really need a prehealth internship? An internship is defined a … Read more