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5 Ways to Calm Your Interview Nerves


You can’t seem to help it: every time you go into an interview it feels like you’re venturing into a lion’s den. Your body stiffens and your palms begin to sweat. You tell yourself to take a deep breath, but … Read more

End Your Interview on a High Note with This Question


One of your top priorities as a job candidate should be to end your interview with a power punch – something that’ll make you stand out and show your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s hard to do, especially when so many … Read more

How to Answer: “What is your weakness?”


It’s a commonly asked interview question: “What is your weakness?” Employers ask it for insight into how you respond to such a question as well as the substance of your answer. Here are some tips for effective replies.  See video … Read more

Coping with Difficult Interviews and Questions


Early in my career, I interviewed with a woman I knew outside of the professional arena. She told me I could come in to discuss working with her. Because we knew each other, I figured she had a good grasp … Read more

Interview Etiquette


Interview Etiquette The phrase, “Actions speak louder than words” is true. Most communication takes place nonverbally. In addition to preparing your answers for the interview, also prepare how you will act before, during, and after the interview. Another common phrase, … Read more

Preparing for Your Video Interview


Your next interview may not be face-to-face—it could be through Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, or a webcam. According to one recent survey, 55 percent of employers have used video interviewing as a college recruiting tool and more and more employers … Read more

Answering Improper Interview Questions


When you interview for a job, your prospective employer will ask questions—on the job application, in the interview, and/or during the testing process—that are related to the job you are seeking. Federal, state, and local laws prohibit discrimination in employment … Read more