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Whether you have secured a summer internship or are in the process, it never hurts to think about how to maximize your internship experience. From conversations with our employer partner and alumni, there are several ways to impress your supervisor and prepare for your future career.

  1. Treat your internship like a job. This may seem like common sense, but we consistently hear about interns who are not professional and end up making a poor impression. Dress appropriately; if you aren’t sure of the dress expectations, ask! Show up on time. If you think you may be late or sick, reach out to your supervisor to let them know. If you want your supervisor and/or coworkers to comment on your dependability and maturity during a reference check, you must demonstrate those qualities.
  2. Initiate an additional project. Sure, there will be plenty of work your supervisor will assign and expect you to work on, but think about initiating a project of your own. Is there a skill you are trying to build or improve? Ask your supervisor for a brief meeting and discuss your ideas. You want to make sure that you will still be meeting the intern duties, but demonstrating initiative and drive through the development of a personal project are qualities employers highly value.
  3. Network with others in the organization. Your supervisor understands that you are exploring the field and increasing your professional competencies. Take advantage of the professionals in your workplace but approach networking and informational interview with a respect for their time. Most professionals are happy to offer advice and insight to students, but have many demands on their time and may prefer to have you schedule a time to chat instead of just dropping in. Discuss this with supervisor as they may know their co-workers’ preferences.

Try to keep the above tips in mind to help make the most of your summer internship. Have additional questions? UCS counselors are happy to meet with you at any point of the career development process. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Emily Gomez

University Career Services


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