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Balance and Find a Part-Time Job


The Part-time Job Expo is quickly approaching and employers will be on campus to speak to students interested in working part-time jobs and having internships that are local, on-and-off campus.  UCS can assist you in other ways to find part-time … Read more

5 Productive Things to do Over Winter Break


Plan a road trip:  If you’re able to drive and have access to a vehicle, a road trip can be a wonderful bonding experience between you and your friends. Pack a bag, load up the car, and hit the road … Read more

Career Resources for International Students


Coming to UNC Chapel Hill for a college education was probably not an easy decision.  As an international student, you made the choice to leave your home country and study in a completely new educational and cultural environment.  More often … Read more

Reneging on a Job Offer…Why? Why Not?


Congratulations! You accepted the job offer! Once you have accepted a position verbally or in writing, you should honor your commitment. At that time, you should cancel any additional interviews and notify other employers that you are no longer a … Read more

Should I Study Abroad or Intern?


Well, why not do both?  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  Students who have worked abroad are even more appealing to employers because they know what it means to fully immerse oneself into another country’s customs in … Read more

Shadowing and Volunteering


Different, but both important. Clinical observation, or shadowing, is not the same thing as volunteering. Volunteering may sometimes place you in a setting that could allow for both shadowing and hands-on service opportunities, but they do not serve the same purpose….and … Read more

How to Maintain Your Personal Network


Have you lost momentum with your network now that you have created it? You have spent so much time creating your network and developing relationships but you have no idea where to go after that first meeting? Then read below … Read more

It May Not Be a Job Yet … It Might Be Grad School


Depending on the career path you are considering, you may need further education after graduation, whether that’s graduate or professional school.  The Grad School Info Fair (October 25th, Great Hall of the Union) and Law School Info Fair (November 2nd, … Read more

Are You Branded, How Do Employers Find You?


Forbes contributor Shama Hyder writes in her article, “7 Things You Can Do to Build an Awesome Personal Brand,” … today almost every individual has a personal brand. Not many of us have consciously cultivated these brands, but they exist … Read more