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As many of you know, the Spring Job & Internship Expo is coming up, February 25th. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, we all know that the expo can be an intimidating experience. As a junior, I went to the Spring Job and Internship Expo last year and have a few tips that should help make your job and internship fair experience the best it can be!

My first suggestion is for freshman and sophomore students. Many of you may not be searching for a job or internship yet, but going to the expo is a great experience. By going and stopping by a few tables you can gather more information about companies that may interest you. Secondly, I advise juniors and seniors to not only attend the expo, but also come to it prepared. The key to attending the job and internship expo as an upper classman is to make sure that you do your research before hand. There will be a list posted on the UCS website of all the companies that will be attending the fair and it is important that you come dressed in business casual attire, bring your resume, and have a list of the top companies you would like to talk to.

Ali Stephens

UNC UCS Career Peer

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism

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