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Skype interviews have become very common in today’s technology-driven world. The convenience for the employer and yourself is a huge plus. However, these types of interviews can be nerve-racking in ways that in-person interviews aren’t. After doing two Skype interviews over the past few years, I’ve picked up a few tips on how to succeed:

Tip: Check your location

  • Application: Before you do the interview, consider where you’ll be doing it. Adjust for any potential issues that could come up given that location.
    • Example: My first Skype interview was in my dorm room. I decided on a time to do the interview when I knew the room and hall would be quiet. Additionally, I put a note on the door telling people not to knock or come in until I was done.

Tip: Figure out the best webcam/laptop position

  • Application: Do a test of your webcam with Skype. Figure out the best angle to tilt the webcam/laptop to get a good view of yourself.
    • Example: I had my parents call me on Skype and give me tips on how to adjust my laptop. Their feedback helped me know how to best capture myself on the camera.

Tip: Practice looking into the camera

  • Application: To have real eye contact with the employer on Skype, you need to look at the camera – not the person on the screen! This is tricky to remember in the moment, so practicing before will help you.
    • Example: During the interviews, I put a small sticky note near the camera at the top of my laptop. This caught my attention and helped me remember to focus on the camera rather than my screen.

Skype interviews may seem scary at first, but practicing and preparing beforehand will definitely help boost your confidence. Hopefully the tips above will help you achieve this!

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