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When I first heard about “super day,” I felt completely overwhelmed. I had already completed two rounds of interviews with a large consulting firm, and for super day, I would be flying out to their headquarters in Chicago for one final round. As I quickly learned, the goal of super day was to see how I would fit as an employee in the office. While there were a handful of interviews, they took a much more personal approach throughout the day. There were “off the record” panels where candidates could ask questions about the job, as well as short presentations and opportunities to interact with current employees. Everyone was very approachable and friendly, and they seemed genuinely excited to be hosting the group of candidates.

Overall, super day was an incredible experience for me. The firm paid for all my expenses related to the trip—flight, hotel, food, additional transportation costs, etc. While in Chicago, I got to explore the city a bit and build relationships with some of the other candidates. I realize that each company’s super day looks different—some of my colleagues have interviewed at firms where super day involves additional case studies, brain teases, mock presentations, and more. Therefore, definitely research what super day will entail for the company you are interviewing with. But regardless, super day is a wonderful chance to show your potential employers why you are the perfect fit for their company. So take a deep breath and enjoy your day—it is a lot of fun, I promise!

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