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Spring semester just started, and it is just the beginning of the internship buzz. Everyone is talking about his or her spring and summer plans, and the pressure is piling on as students realize it is time to start figuring out some internship prospects. Well, first of all, take a deep breath! There is plenty of time to figure out an internship!

Try your best to search for internships that actually appeal to your interests. Find a position that will allow you to gain valuable experience, socialize with people in your field, make connections with possible mentors, and arrive at work with a smile on your face. No one wants a job that causes them to dread going to work every morning, so make sure you try to find a rewarding position, as well as one that fits your personality. Also, utilize all of your available resources: Career Services, Careerolina, UNC professors, and even your family and friends! Everyone is here to help you along in your career development, so try your best to take advantage of all of the resources right on campus.

With your own determination and the help offered at UNC, you will be on the right path towards finding the perfect internship!

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