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A Good Luck Wish from UCS


Two paths diverged on a sunny graduation day.  One frequently traveled, down stadium drive, to the comfort of familiar sights –Campus Rec, the Union, and good ‘ole Polk Place.  The other path a bit grassier, and calling your name; but … Continued

Should I Study Abroad or Intern?


Well, why not do both?  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  Students who have worked abroad are even more appealing to employers because they know what it means to fully immerse oneself into another country’s customs in … Continued

Summer Jobs: Making it Count


Summers usually involve sunshine, longer days, and more free time… to start working a summer job. Whether your summer job is at your dream company in the big city, working with children at the local community center or lifeguarding back … Continued

Been There, Done That!


As a small fish in a big sea, it’s hard to believe that a school as large as UNC-Chapel Hill would tailor to many different career paths of students. However, through University Career Services I realized that there are many … Continued

Tuesday Tips


As we approach the spring, many of us are thinking about our summer plans. This week, I have some tips for everyone regarding summer plans. Think about doing something worthwhile this summer. While it is tempting, do not waste a … Continued

Luck is Not Always Blind….


“Luck is the intersection of where preparation and opportunity meet”.  This quote has always stuck with me.  I think Benjamin Franklin said it.  Whenever I consider this little nugget of wisdom, it reminds me of my best friend Manoli.  I … Continued