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Student Spotlight: James Ennis Street


Today, we bring you James Ennis Street, interviewed by Dr. William Taylor.  James is a Senior, and is a Public Policy and Critical Race Theory Double Major.  He is an On-Campus Coordinator | Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Senior Advisor | UNC … Continued

Student Spotlight: Aaron Epps


Today, we bring you Aaron Epps.  Aaron is from Fairmont, NC, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Socioeconomic Justice.   His career interests are in HR and working with diversity and inclusion within corporations as it relates to recruiting, … Continued

Student Spotlight: Autumn McClellan


Today, we bring you Autumn McClellan, who is a graduate student in the Sociology Department at UNC.  She was interviewed by Moira Johnson, a Graduate Student Intern for UNC UCS. Autumn hails from a small town called Brown City, Michigan, … Continued

Student Journey Spotlight: Esosa Asemota


Today, we bring you Esosa Asemota, interviewed by Kristin Pawlowski, Sr. Assistant Director, Honors/UNC UCS.  Esosa Asemota is a sophomore from Fayetteville, NC, majoring in Nutrition. Her current career interest lie in the intersection of: medicine, sustainable development, and food … Continued

Student Journey Spotlight: Damian Walker


Today, we bring you Damian Walker.  Damian is a Senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship.  Damian was interviewed by Mary Rosage, Assistant Director, UNC UCS. Internship: Marketing Intern at NIU Technologies in Shanghai, China                                                                                                                                                                      Career Competencies: Global … Continued

Student Journey Spotlight: James McDaniel


Today, we bring you James McDaniel, who is a Senior, majoring in Voice.  James was interviewed by Catherine Allen, Assistant Director, UNC UCS. James plans to pursue his music career post-graduation and currently serves as the Director of the Gospel … Continued

Student Journey Spotlight: Chandler Coley


Today, we bring you Chandler Coley.  Chandler is a double major in Strategic Communication and Communication Studies with an IOC concentration. Her hometown is Raleigh, NC.  A fun fact about Chandler: She was a dancer for 15 years–ballet, jazz, and … Continued

Student Journey Spotlight: Will Arditti


Today, we bring you Will Arditti, a senior at UNC, studying economics.  Interviewed by Assistant Director, Jonathan Adams.   Adams: Tell me about your internship for summer 2017. What was the most meaningful part of the experience? Arditti:  The first … Continued