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Mastering the Art of Adaptation With an Internship Abroad


If you ever visit Chile, you’ll realize immediately that your textbook Spanish won’t get you far. Though most of Latin America boasts their own regional slang, Chileans take creative language to the next level. You’ll hear words like “cachai?” (you … Read more

Are you Career Ready?


Are you Career Ready? The answer is probably no. However, you certainly can get there no matter your class level. You may need to do more in a shorter period of time if you are a senior vs. a first … Read more

A Career that Reflects All of Who We Are


The pressure to find the “perfect” career has many students choosing one of two costly paths: they change majors multiple times, often adding time and expense to their undergraduate degree, or they avoid the matter entirely until they’re forced to … Read more

What Are Your Plans for This Summer?


As the academic year winds down, it is likely that college students around the world are being asked, “What are your plans for this summer?” Interning at your dream company? Taking classes? Studying abroad? Feeling speechless because you have no … Read more

Recipe for Writing a Personal Statement


Writing a personal statement by perception and sometimes reputation is often a daunting and overwhelming undertaking. The ambiguity and mystery swirling around its purpose and composition can be dispelled with the introduction of an easy recipe.   When baking a … Read more

Your First 90 days on the Job


Your First 90 days on the job Here are the top 5 things you should do in the first few months at a new job to launch your career.   Learn your role and organization. Familiarize yourself with the company … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Usage


5 Easy Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Usage Include a Professional Photo Profiles with pictures are 11 times more likely to be viewed!   Change Your Profile’s URL I suggest changing it to a variation of your first and last … Read more