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What Not to Include in Your Resume


What Not to Include in Your Resume Some things are inappropriate for a resume or simply better not to include. Here are some rules of thumb about what to avoid. Personal Information Do not include personal information such as your … Read more

Putting It All Together for Your Resume


“A real benefit to preparing your résumé is that none of your prep work will go to waste. Every minute you put into it can be used throughout the networking, correspondence, and interview process.”—Susan Britton Whitcomb, quoted from Résumé Magic Your … Read more

How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes


Employers may receive thousands of resumes for one position. Because of this, they are often looking for any reason to eliminate a candidate. While resume writing is a creative process that allows writers to “break the rules” when appropriate, some … Read more

A New Approach to the Traditional Resume


Imagine putting together a resume that includes: Active hyperlinks to direct employers to work samples, websites, blogs, projects, and audio and video clips; Touches of color or unique fonts; Material with images, graphs, and text boxes; and/or LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, … Read more

Build the Resume Employers Want


The resume—an essential tool for any job search. Although a lot of time, effort, and thought has gone into trying to crack the secret, there is no “perfect” resume. Your resume’s job is to move you to the next step … Read more

Five Tips for Converting Your CV to a Resume


Many graduate students list their accomplishments in research, teaching, writing, and service on a curriculum vitae. Typically, a CV is prepared for application to teaching and research positions, and it would list experiences and accomplishments in teaching and research in … Read more

Climb to Your Career in Four Years


Where will you be in four years? Will you be ready to join the work force? Maybe you have your future planned: You know what you want to be after graduation and you have an idea of how to get … Read more