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What Parents of Prospective College Students Should Know


Get insight into 10 career-related areas so you can help your son or daughter plan for a career.  1. Choosing a career/choosing a major Security vs. adventure. Accountant, Peace Corps volunteer, journalist, college professor. Ultimately, your son or daughter should … Continued

Student Spotlight: James Ennis Street


Today, we bring you James Ennis Street, interviewed by Dr. William Taylor.  James is a Senior, and is a Public Policy and Critical Race Theory Double Major.  He is an On-Campus Coordinator | Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Senior Advisor | UNC … Continued

Student Journey Spotlight: James McDaniel


Today, we bring you James McDaniel, who is a Senior, majoring in Voice.  James was interviewed by Catherine Allen, Assistant Director, UNC UCS. James plans to pursue his music career post-graduation and currently serves as the Director of the Gospel … Continued

Are you Career Ready?


Are you Career Ready? The answer is probably no. However, you certainly can get there no matter your class level. You may need to do more in a shorter period of time if you are a senior vs. a first … Continued

Tuesday Tips: Resume Building


Before coming to college many students do not have a finalized resume. In fact, many students do not have a resume at all. I can honestly say I did not know how to even create a resume without the help … Continued