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What Parents of Prospective College Students Should Know


Get insight into 10 career-related areas so you can help your son or daughter plan for a career.  1. Choosing a career/choosing a major Security vs. adventure. Accountant, Peace Corps volunteer, journalist, college professor. Ultimately, your son or daughter should … Read more

Student Spotlight: James Ennis Street


Today, we bring you James Ennis Street, interviewed by Dr. William Taylor.  James is a Senior, and is a Public Policy and Critical Race Theory Double Major.  He is an On-Campus Coordinator | Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Senior Advisor | UNC … Read more

Student Journey Spotlight: Chandler Coley


Today, we bring you Chandler Coley.  Chandler is a double major in Strategic Communication and Communication Studies with an IOC concentration. Her hometown is Raleigh, NC.  A fun fact about Chandler: She was a dancer for 15 years–ballet, jazz, and … Read more