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  • For Graduate Students: Two Ways to Curate Your Professional Web Presence

    By: Jonathan Foland, Graduate Career Services Assistant and Doctoral Student in Communication

    What would an employer, colleague, student, or relative find if they were to search your name online? What assumptions might they make based on the results? Take a moment to Google yourself and see wh … Continued

  • How to Maintain Your Personal Network


    Have you lost momentum with your network now that you have created it? You have spent so much time creating your network and developing relationships but you have no idea where to go after that first … Continued

  • Are You Branded, How Do Employers Find You?


    Forbes contributor Shama Hyder writes in her article, “7 Things You Can Do to Build an Awesome Personal Brand,” … today almost every individual has a personal brand. Not many of us have consciously cu … Continued