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So You Want to Work for a Start Up?


In career services, we are seeing more and more students who wish to forgo the typical entry-level first job with an established organization, and instead begin their career with a start-up. The opportunity to work in a dynamic, evolving, amorphous … Read more

3 Must-Do’s Before Your Next Interview


Before your next interview review these tips to help you have a successful interview. 1. Review application materials. You probably applied to several organizations and may have forgotten what you wrote in your cover letter or personal statement. Therefore, read … Read more

Interviewing Mistakes You Never Want to Make


Never arrive late: Arrive to an interview at least 10 minutes before time. This will give you time to calmly wait for the interview. Review your resume and think about some of the points you want to bring up during … Read more

What NOT to do at a Career Fair


Negativity bias is the psychological phenomenon by which humans have a greater recall of unpleasant memories compared with positive memories. Make sure you don’t leave potential employers with negative memories about you! Follow this list of what NOT to do … Read more