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Fashion Tips for the Upcoming Career Fair


If you plan to attend the Spring Job & Internship Expo, dressing appropriately for the occasion is important.  But, some students may be unsure of what “business casual” or “professional dress” entails.  Here are a few tips! Tip #1 – GCB … Read more

The Power of a Thank-You Letter After a Rejection


We’ve all worked hard to apply for our internships, fellowships, jobs, and research opportunities. We get elated once we get a call back to schedule an interview, knowing that you’re one of the top three or five that they’re looking … Read more

How to Get Rid of Interview “Stage Fright”


It is common for students and even seasoned professionals to feel apprehensive about the interview process. These feelings of anxiety and self-doubt that sometimes go along with interviewing are very similar to performance anxiety (better known as stage fright) felt … Read more

My First Cover Letter


“Dear Hiring Manager: I know you must have, Many resumes to peruse. To help you decide, The best intern to choose. I know you are busy, So I will save you some time. I can say without doubt The best … Read more

The Pros and Cons of a Part-Time Job


Are you considering working a part-time job while you are at UNC? There are clear pros and cons to this decision.  According to Professor Laura Perna of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, “Students who work a modest … Read more

Fewer Resolutions, More Goals


The beginning of a new year and a new semester promises a new start.  Many kick off the year with a resolution of some kind:  whether it is to study more and go out less or start looking for an … Read more

Googled Yourself Lately? Because Employers Have.


Ever heard of the term egosurfing? defines egosurfing as searching the Internet to find references to one’s name or one’s personal information. Egosurfing may sound a little vain, but it is something that all students should do. It is … Read more

Who’s on Your Board?


Did you know that many organizations are required by law to have a board of directors to provide advice, guidance, and strategic planning to help ensure its success? Many professionals, new and experienced, have taken this notion to a new … Read more

Try On a Career to Find Your Fit


We often hear the phrase “Follow Your Passion” when it comes to choosing a career, but in reality that may or may not happen.  This can make us feel frustrated and helpless, and stop us in our tracks to a … Read more