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Teach for America and Similar Teaching Programs


Teach For America was the number one employer of 2014 UNC-Chapel Hill graduates.   Over 65 graduating seniors received offers from TFA, placing UNC-Chapel Hill among the top 6 large universities in the nation with graduating seniors entering the program. The … Read more

6 People to Speak With This Semester


Professionals in a variety of career fields. Early on, it’s important to conduct informational interviews to learn just what life on the job is like so that you can make an informed decision as you’re planning your future career. Explore … Read more

How to Enhance Your Internship Search


Spring semester just started, and it is just the beginning of the internship buzz. Everyone is talking about his or her spring and summer plans, and the pressure is piling on as students realize it is time to start figuring … Read more

What Exams Taught Me about the World of Work


All of your life you’ve had to take tests and exams to show that you are learning. Finally, the end of the school year has come, and you say “Yes! I never have to take another exam”. Well, that may … Read more

Find Out How UCS Can Help You in 15 Minutes


We all push things off or decide to nap/ binge watch Netflix instead. But 15 minutes could help you find your fit (that’s only a quarter of a Game of Thrones episode). University Career Services have an array of services … Read more

How to Not Get Accepted to Graduate School


While applying to graduate and professional school is a daunting task, UNC Career Services offers Pre-Graduate Advising to help you avoid common pitfalls of the application process such as: Not giving yourself enough time to apply to graduate school. Pre-graduate … Read more

Reasons You Shouldn’t Go To Graduate School


No matter what field you’re considering, the decision to apply to graduate school is not one that should be made on a whim. Sure, there are lots of compelling reasons to consider a graduate education—the potential to increase your expertise … Read more

Why You Appear Unprofessional to Employers


Sometimes the way we perceive ourselves can be very different than the way others perceive us, especially when it comes to employers. Here are a few things you may do now that appear unprofessional to employers. Your personal Instagram, Pinterest, … Read more