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The Ultimate Bucket List


After a full day of procrastination, spending the night in the Undergraduate Library, and finally getting a good amount of work done, my friend and I decided to head over to the Old Well at 6:15am to catch a glimpse … Read more

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


“So I can see here that you studied abroad,” he said, as he looked up from my resume. “Where exactly did you go?” “Yes I did, I went to Singapore last semester,” I replied with a smile.  “Oh wow, how … Read more

How to Excel During Your Next Phone Interview


Phone interviews are being used more and more by companies in today’s time. Phone interviewing allows companies to save money and interview more applicants. So, with this in mind, phone interviews are inevitable in the recruiting process. Here are some … Read more

Why You Should Do Something That Scares You


Dear first-years, at some point this semester I want you to do something that scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable. No, I’m not talking about anything illegal – I’m talking about starting the outline of the Heelprint you will … Read more

What I Learned From Interviewing On-Campus


Interviewing can be scary, let’s be honest, but if you are prepared beforehand and determined to try your best, you will feel much more relaxed and probably have a more successful interview. Since I am a senior, I spent quite … Read more

5 Questions You Should Ask During Your Next Interview


Interviews are not something people usually get excited about, so once the interviewer is done with their questions, the last thing we want to do is prolong the high-stress conversation. Despite the desire to close your padfolio, stand up, and … Read more

Tips to Land Great References


Considering a graduate or professional school?  Start researching graduate or professional programs and start developing relationships with your professors or TA’s to get to know them and to secure educational references.  Consider taking one or two classes under the same … Read more

My Experience at an Interview “Super Day”


When I first heard about “super day,” I felt completely overwhelmed. I had already completed two rounds of interviews with a large consulting firm, and for super day, I would be flying out to their headquarters in Chicago for one … Read more

Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Summer Internship


Regularly check Careerolina for summer internship opportunities. You can specifically search for internships related to your major or career interests. Additionally, if the job is posted in Careerolina, the employer has expressed direct interest in hiring Carolina students, so it … Read more