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How to Ace the GRE


The GRE can be a little scary – trust me, I know. If you’re thinking about taking it, I hope my experiences provide a little insight into what to expect so that you can relax and do your best! Preparing … Read more

The Value of Keeping a Professional Journal


One of the best pieces of advice I received from a previous supervisor was to keep a professional journal. In it you write and store all of the names of coworkers and managers, projects you have worked on together, dates … Read more

Nailing the Interview Follow-Up


You’ve known about this amazing internship opportunity for months and you’ve waited patiently for the application to open. You’ve spent an entire week perfecting the application and you’re elated when you get the call that you’ve been selected for an … Read more

How to Set Up a Job Shadowing Experience


Job shadowing is a short term learning experience (day or week) which is an opportunity for students to gain exposure to an industry and/or a work setting.  To gain exposure to a career field students are encouraged to consider things … Read more

Succeeding with a Skype Interview


Skype interviews have become very common in today’s technology-driven world. The convenience for the employer and yourself is a huge plus. However, these types of interviews can be nerve-racking in ways that in-person interviews aren’t. After doing two Skype interviews … Read more

Change Your Activities and Change Your Perspective


When I was preparing for my transition from high school to college, the piece of advice I heard most frequently was “get involved in organizations early!” In an attempt to heed this advice, I dove headfirst into campus life, joining … Read more