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By: Career Education Institute and UNC UCS

Did you know that UNC UCS has a resource that can help you find an Internship in any field?

It has links that take you straight to the internship info offered by each employer.  You can browse by major or category and find just what you’ve been looking for, or even find something that may spark your interest that you didn’t know existed!

Check out and find more than 3,000 organizations offering internships for college and law students.  This is not a ‘data-dump’.  These are individually gathered internships directly from the employers listed.

This resource also contains ‘Books’ that you can access that contain collections of internships in the following areas:

  • International Affairs
  • History, Human Rights
  • Resorts and Seasonal Employment
  • Sports
  • Women’s Rights
  • Federal Law
  • Prosecution and Legal Services
  • Common Good, Social and Community Service Agencies
  • America’s Advertising Agencies
  • America’s Top Companies
  • Congressional Internships
  • The Big Green Internship (Environmental orgs)
  • The Media
  • Washington Law and Policy
  • Green Law
  • City and County Internships

The Career Education Institute (CEI) is working hard to provide students with this information.  These Internship listings are constantly being updated and added to. Check them out on our website at

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