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By: Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

Video interviewing is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to the traditional in-person interview for potential employers. However, there are format-specific elements that students and new graduates need to understand and consider when preparing for a video interview.

Your career center may offer a workshop on preparing for a video interview or mock video interview sessions so that you can practice before you participate.

Here are some recommendations for preparing for video interviews:

  • Understand the technology and be comfortable with it—Don’t sign up for a video interview until you’re comfortable with the process. Learn what you can and can’t do with the audio and video controls. Find out what your image looks like—and how to look your best—and where to look once the interview begins. Being adept with the technology gives you credibility as an “online professional.”
  • Consider image and the interview environment—Dress professionally as a video interview is an interview. Ensure the background of the interview area is consistent with the image you want to portray to recruiters. Remove or silence all distractions, such as cell phone ringers, e-mail alerts on the computer, music, pets, roommates, and more.
  • Test all settings and connections beforehand—Make sure the settings are optimized and all connections are working prior to the interview to avoid any issues during the interview.
  • Be prepared for a system hiccup—And even though you’re thoroughly prepared, have a Plan B ready in case the technology fails during a video interview. For example, have your cell phone ready to use in case the connection is unacceptable or drops. Being prepared in such a manner and making a smooth transition to another method in light of unexpected problems can impress an employer.


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