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By: Kristin Pawlowski, Sr. Assistant Director

Two paths diverged on a sunny graduation day.  One frequently traveled, down stadium drive, to the comfort of familiar sights –Campus Rec, the Union, and good ‘ole Polk Place.  The other path a bit grassier, and calling your name; but the route uncertain, giving rise to some fear.

Your predecessors will tell you your angst is misplaced, for a 92.3% success rate last year evinces the exciting things in-store.  For what you may not realize is that over the years, as you traveled down that familiar path, you have been armed with Career Ready Skills needed to tackle the overgrowth.  Classes attended, and discussions you’ve had, have taught you to Communicate your thoughts and express your ideas in-person, writing, and in digital mediums, alike.  Your classmates and friends have introduced you to diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, religions, and lifestyles, enriching you with a Global Perspective and appreciation for cultures and values a part from your own.  All the assignments completed instilled you with the Creativity & Problem Solving skills needed to analyze issues, synthesize information, and offer innovative solutions.  And your Tarheel pride, second to none, taught you to Collaborate and work effectively with others in a Team; to be a Leader who motivates and inspires the achievement of shared goals. So see, dear graduate, there is no need to be afraid, for you have developed the work ethic and professional skills needed to take this big leap.

So with employment trends increasing, you choose the uncharted course, and with each step you take, you start to see, not a path less traveled but one with much wear; as for more than 200 years’ Tarheels have taken this route, each finding their way to a destination distinct from their peers.   While the future may be uncertain do not be afraid, but rather excited for all that’s in-store.  Remain true to your passions and confident in your skills, and most of all know that you will always have a home in Chapel Hill.

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