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By: Chad Collins, Sr. Assistant Director

As a UNC student, you already know that time management is a very important part of being successful in college.  When you are looking for a full time job or internship, it is also extremely important to have a good time management strategy to continue to manage your regular commitments with a job search.  Here are some tips to help you through this process:


  1. Plan Ahead—The is an obvious one, but be sure to plan weeks ahead of time to make sure you are not doing last minute resumes or cover letters to apply before a deadline.
  2. Plan for the Unexpected—Nothing ever really goes according to plan. Be sure not to schedule every single minute and leave time for things that come up unexpectedly.
  3. Establish Priorities—Should you do that reading that is due next week or start working on a job application that is due in 4 days? Know the things that are most important and work at getting them done on schedule.
  4. Eliminate Distractions—When you set aside time to accomplish anything, make sure you are focused on the task at hand. Close social media apps and keep your phone out of reach.  Don’t decide to check Instagram and then spend 2 hours playing around on the internet…which is quite easy to do.
  5. Accomplish the Little Things—Big chunks of time are great if you can stay focused. However, a lot of things can get done in short periods of time.  Start doing reading while you are waiting for your career counseling appointment.  Check the new jobs on Careerolina before class starts.  You will be surprised at how many things can get done in a limited time.
  6. Get Enough Rest—This one is important. Many college students forget about this, especially around exam time.  Know your body and know how much sleep you need to function well the next day.  Make sleep a priority on your schedule.
  7. Celebrate—Did you just turn in a big research paper and send off a job application? Take time for yourself to reward a job well done.  Balance is important in every aspect of life and taking time to celebrate little victories will go a long way in helping you offset the other stresses that you face every day.
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