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By: Christy Dunston, Assistant Director

Becoming a pro athlete is not the only way to work in the sports industry. There are many different ways and avenues to have a career in sports. The sports industry is global. You could work in New York or Tokyo. You could work with athletes (professional or amateur), customers, or businesses. You could train individuals to work on physical fitness or plan and market sports events.

The local news featured a local sports graphics company that compiles the statistics of a game and displays it in real time. The people work remotely without having to be at the actual game, which was across the country. That’s just one example of a career you could have in sports. There are many more you could explore on the resource What Can I Do with This Major, which can be found on in the Students section.

Attend the Careers in Sports Industry Night to speak with professionals that work in a variety of jobs that are related to sports. The industry night will be Tuesday, March 7th from 6-8 pm on the 3rd floor of Loudermilk Center for Excellence (also known as The Blue Zone).

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