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By: Sheena Jacobs, Assistant Director

Each year UNC will have hundreds of employers attend our career fairs.  Each employer will have a table with signage, information, handouts, job descriptions, goodies, etc. If you’ve never attended one, here is an idea of what happens:

  • Practice: Career Services will always have prep workshops the week of the fair
  • Expect to spend 3-5 minutes speaking to each recruiter; ideally, 1-2 hours is a good amount of time to budget for the entire event, depending on your priorities.
  • Warm up: Reach out to see who will be attending the event
  • This information is always provided online and at the fair.
  • Prep Talk:  Re-frame your mindset from “I don’t like talking to strangers” to one of “I like meeting people.”
  • Game Plan:  Create a plan on who you want to meet with
  • Practice with companies that may not be as high on your priority list
  • Deliver: Stand tall, smile, and say something friendly and insightful
  • It’s time to deliver your 30 second elevator pitch
  • This is a great opportunity to express interest in a company and show your depth of knowledge about them (which is SUPER impressive).
  • Finish Strong:
  • Follow up with an email or voicemail the next day to thank the recruiter for coming and to reiterate your interest in the employer.
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