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By: Amy Blackburn, Sr. Assistant Director

Learn what alumni have done with their degrees after leaving Carolina!

On your LinkedIn profile, hover over “my network” and click on “find alumni.” At the time of this writing, there are 158,531 UNC students and alumni on LinkedIn. From here you can narrow down by where they live, where they work, what they do…scroll to the right…what they studied and what they’re skilled at.  The database is searchable – so you can learn what those history majors did after graduating.  Almost 6,500 are listed and working in



Think Tanks


Pharmaceutical Companies



Professional Associations

Just to name a few…

You may need to finesse the search and dig a little deeper if you are seeking a more specific area, such as a doctorate in anthropology, but they do exist and are working at places like Rand Corporation, research institutes, NGOs and academia.

Do you have an interest in a particular organization or location?  Click on the magnifying glass and perform a search.

LinkedIn is full of possibilities for making professional connections in any industry.  Make an appointment with a counselor for help with your profile or finding connections.

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