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It seems like the semester just started and suddenly it’s almost over! Back in August you were sure that   you would have your job or internship search wrapped up by Winter Break. You wrote your resume, perfected your cover letter, went to the job fair, applied to positions through Careerolina and still have not received an offer. It may even seem that “everyone else” has an offer. When things don’t work out quite the way you planned despite your best efforts, it can be very disappointing and frustrating.

Do not let it ruin your break! Take a deep breath, have some fun, visit family and friends. Then use part of your break to re-group. The truth is that there are many more students who don’t have offers by Winter Break then there are those who do. The fact that UCS is very busy every Spring is proof that most students do not have offers by December! While there are some types of employers who hire in the Fall there are many others who do not. Many employers in most career fields may not even know in August how many employees or interns they will need in June.

So after you have relaxed, spend some time getting ready for your Spring job or internship search.

A few suggestions:

Update your resume, make sure that the wording of your resume and the skills and experiences you are highlighting match the positions you are interested in.

Update your LinkedIn account and get busy networking. Repeat! Networking is essential to a successful search. To learn more about networking go to

Look at the employers who will be coming to UCS in the Spring and create a spreadsheet with application and interview dates.

Expand your search. If you have been limiting your search to just a few organizations, industries or job titles consider widening your search. Always aim for your “perfect job” but also have plans B and C. Consider applying to positions that may not BE your dream job but will prepare you FOR your dream job.

Visit or make a phone appointment with a UCS counselor who can help you re-charge your search. We are open during break except for the week that UNC is closed.


Jacquelyn Gist

Assistant Director

University Career Services

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