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  1. Lengthy Resume

You resume is a very important resource when on the job search, but hiring managers are in a rush as well.  While your experiences are valuable, try to keep all content relevant and use a format that is easy to read.  You want the employer to be able to process your skills quickly.  Target each resume for each job, matching your skills to what is listed in the job description.

  1. Not Practicing

Many employers are utilizing many methods for screening interviews (phone, Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom etc.).  Practice using the services and resources available at career services to excel in interview process.  University Career Services offers: Mock Interviews, self-practice through Interview Stream, and Skype Interviews.

  1. Little LinkedIn participation

Many employers will browse LinkedIn to learn about your experience and engagement on the network.  One of the best things to do is be actively engaged in industry groups or interest groups on LinkedIn.  By simply sharing articles, participating in discussions, and sharing resources you increase the likelihood of getting noticed.

  1. Searching Job Boards Only

Often times, it is easy to search job boards and apply for positions but research has indicated this is one of the LEAST effective way to get hired!  If your resume matches 80-85 percent of everything the employer is looking for in the posting, then and only then, could job board be helpful.  Many companies use computerized Applicant Tracking Systems to scan applicant’s resumes for keywords. This practice emphasizes the importance of networking when on the job search

  1. Starting the search too late

The hiring process can vary by industry and employers and several factors can contribute to the delay in receiving your offers.  Keep your momentum going, do not end your search until you have been extended an offer!  With that said, expect to hear “no” and know that all is not lost.  Research peak hiring times for your area of interest and keep that in mind while actively on the search.


Sheena Jacobs

Part-time Job Coordinator

University Career Services

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