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Congratulations! You accepted the job offer! Once you have accepted a position verbally or in writing, you should honor your commitment. At that time, you should cancel any additional interviews and notify other employers that you are no longer a candidate for their position. It is unethical to renege on the offer by backing out of your commitment to accept another position. If you choose to renege on your acceptance to pursue a different offer there are significant repercussions of breaking your commitment.

  • If you were involved with on-campus recruiting or interviews with UCS and renege on a job or internship offer, you will be denied access to further use of University Career Services.
  • By reneging you likely “burned a bridge” with that employer and the contacts that you developed within that organization. It’s also possible that these contacts may work at another organization that you are interested in working for in the future.
  • In a broader sense, reneging can damage your professional reputation. When colleagues in your field connect at professional meetings, trainings, or other events they may share their interactions with you. Reneging on an offer can become part of your professional brand if colleagues express concerns about your professional ethics and commitment to an organization.

Remember, once you accept an offer verbally or in writing the acceptance is binding. As a result, make sure to ask for time from the employer to evaluate the offer before making a final decision. See the professional job search section on our website at for more information as you navigate job offers. Extenuating personal circumstances can impact your ability to honor your commitment. If you are in a complicated or confusing situation, do not hesitate to speak to a career counselor for assistance. Please call (919) 962-6507 to schedule an appointment, or you can attend drop-in counseling Monday through Friday from 1pm until 4pm for quicker (10-15 minute) career questions.


Jonathan Adams

Assistant Director, UCS

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