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Raquel Eatmon, CEO of Rising Media LLC and former news anchor, offers the following six ways to stay positive and on-track through rejection:



Recycle Rejection
Don’t waste a rejection; use it! Figure out a way to redefine it. Turn it into strength and allow it to fuel your never-give-up attitude. There are hidden gems in the things that seem daunting. I believe it’s what really defines our character. By observing your handle of rejection you’re able to see just how strong you are.

Speak Up
While you’re waiting to kick down some doors, polish your professional speaking skills. Check out a speaker’s bureau or join a Toastmasters club. While I was working on my start-up I joined a Toastmasters club in downtown Cleveland. The speeches infused my creativity and the impromptu exercises kept my verbal responses sharp and concise.

Pump Your Brakes
Sometimes people aren’t lying to you. You really don’t have it going on as your resume suggests or as your ego has convinced you. Take a step back and reevaluate your skill-set. Fine-tune what needs fixing and relaunch the game. It’s easy to get tangled in a fixed way of being but if prospects are telling you the same thing, you may want to pause and rethink the strategy.

Avoid the Enabler
During times like these you don’t need a pity party. A good, sound friend or mentor who gives it to you straight is exactly what’s needed. Having a reliable resource to check in with helps keep your mind strong and your back straight. When everyone is giving you a thumbs down it’s encouraging to have a friend who serves up directness minced with compassion.

Intentional Hook-ups
Network with a definitive purpose. Don’t just attend the event because your friend is hosting it or because they’re serving delicious salmon sliders- plant an intention. Set realistic goals for the meeting. What do you want? Whom do you need to meet and why? Who can you help? Make each event matter.

Focus On Others
Just because everyone is telling you “no” doesn’t mean that you should extend the same response. Tell someone “yes”. Extend yourself to causes that are important to you. Help someone else succeed without any expectations. The energy of giving can truly turn our lives around and if nothing more you feel good helping others.


If you’re experiencing rejection in your job search, let the counseling staff at career services help you review your strategy and give you guidance on where to go from here. Visit us during drop-ins Monday-Friday from 1:00-4:00 in Hanes Hall or make an appointment to get started.


Amy Blackburn

University Career Services

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