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When dealing with career development, it is extremely important to focus on connections with individuals. Being in the business school, I have been lucky enough to develop a skill set that has transitioned well into meeting new people and developing personal connections that will be valuable later in my career.

The first tip is: always keep 5-10 resumes with you with at all times. You never know who you are going to run into. Second, when you meet someone at a career development event or anywhere else, firmly shake their hand and make eye contact with them. A firm hand shake and eye contact shows that you are confident. Third, after your conversation ask for a business card. This will allow you to thank them for their time, interview, etc. Fourth, create an excel data sheet with all of the people you have met or have business cards from. This allows for easy access to their information if you need to reach them in the future to ask for advice or help.

Alexandra McCartney
UNC UCS Career Peer

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