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Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
– Stephen Hawking


In a little over a month, some of you will be graduating. Some may have jobs lined up and have their life planned for the next five years. Others might have no idea what they might want to do after they can no longer call themselves an undergraduate student at UNC. Yet, one thing is consistent with both of these groups of students and all the students in between….change.

Whether you welcome it or not, your life will change greatly after you graduate from Carolina. Here are only a few things that you can expect to change after graduation:

  • Your environment/Living situation
  • Proximity to Family and Friends
  • Budget
  • Sleep schedule
  • Amount of free time
  • Responsibilities
  • Wardrobe


It is incredibly important to allow yourself time to adapt to new changes and be as open as possible to new opportunities. While some people are very resistant to change, it has often been said that we tend to learn the most about ourselves from how we deal with adversity and change.

UCS can assist you in many ways in your transition from school to career. Job search, practice interviews, how to negotiate a salary, and how to be successful in a new job are all topics that can be discussed with a UCS career counselor. For more information about how to successfully transition from college to career, check out the UCS web site at and the UCS Life After Carolina Pinterest board at


Chad Collins

University Career Services

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