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Spring break

Searching for a job is a process and takes time. Students who are focused on completing their coursework often find it hard to add job or internship searching to their busy academic and co-curricular schedules. Breaks can be a great time to refocus, think about how your skills and interests translate to jobs, and make connections for information and opportunities. Here are a few things you can do while you’re on spring break to keep the search alive:

If you’re lying on the beach, you won’t want to get sand in your laptop, but you can spend time in mental reflection:

Narrow down the types of positions you’re targeting. Employers are seeking focused candidates.

Map out a time management plan to continue your job search when you return to campus

While you’re hanging out with your friends, or meeting new people:

Practice your “elevator speech.” This is a 30-second introduction of your interests and skills that you can use with networking contacts.

If you have access to the internet:

Create a profile on LinkedIn. Explore this professional networking resource to make connections.

Of course, if you’re in town for the break…

Schedule an appointment with a career counselor. We can work with you on any of your job/internship needs.

Here are a few more ideas:

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