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  1. Employer Advisory Board.


25 employers + 5 campus partners make up the UCS Employer Advisory Board. The board helps UCS stay informed on recruitment trends.


  1. More than 100 Employer Information Sessions during the academic year.


Employer Information Sessions are a great way for students to learn about an organization, full-time and internship opportunities, and connect with recruiters. These sessions are mainly held on the 2nd floor of Hanes Hall, although some are held on Franklin Street or other buildings on campus. Attend a session to learn more about opportunities and various organizations that recruit at UNC.


  1. Wide range of services, programs, and workshops.

We offer resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, major and career exploration, internship and job search strategies, networking tips, and advice for any career related question a student might have. We have programs and workshops throughout the academic year that students can attend as well.

  1. Summer Time.

Maybe a student cannot make it in during the academic year. UCS is open during the summer. Stop by and see a career counselor Monday-Friday 8 am – 5 pm.

  1. WE LOVE CAROLINA STUDENTS! (If you did not already know.)



Christy Dunston

University Career Services

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