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Attending a career fair can be intimidating. Unlike a typical day on campus, everyone’s wearing suits and carrying professional padfolios. As a student seeking a job or internship you must approach the recruiters, which can be daunting. Before jumping into the chaotic career fair, it’s important to know a few things:


  • Research the company and the jobs/internships they offer
    • You should approach with a purpose and understanding of the organization to demonstrate your interest and impress the recruiters.
  • Confidence goes a long way
    • Starting the conversation off with a firm handshake and eye contact shows the recruiters that you are confident and creates a strong first impression.
  • Bring your resume
    • Recruiters talk to many students at the fair so it’s important to bring copies of your resume to handout so they can refer back to it.
  • Follow up
    • Make sure to contact recruiters after the career fair to establish connections with companies you’re interested in. (If you did not grab their business card, the recruiter’s contact information is listed on UNC Career Services website!)



By: Elizabeth Mainous. Sophomore Economics and Management and Society Major

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