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IN blog5 Easy Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Usage

  1. Include a Professional Photo

Profiles with pictures are 11 times more likely to be viewed!


  1. Change Your Profile’s URL

I suggest changing it to a variation of your first and last name. By shortening your URL, you can easily add it to your emails.

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  1. Join Groups

Joining groups on LinkedIn is an easy way to stay connected with industries and companies that interest you. You can also join groups that you’re involved in, ex: UNC’s group.


  1. List Your Skills and Have Co-workers and Employers Endorse Them

This helps validate skills you have previously referred to on your profile.


  1. Add Rich Media

Include writing assignments, blog posts, videos, and portfolios (that relate to your career interests) in order to enhance your profile.





By: Elizabeth Mainous. Sophomore Economics, and Management and Society Double Major

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