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Before coming to college many students do not have a finalized resume. In fact, many students do not have a resume at all. I can honestly say I did not know how to even create a resume without the help of a counselor at University Career Services. With that being said, I have developed some tips to help people build their resume.


  • Volunteer. Volunteer. Volunteer. Yes, volunteering is an unpaid job. However, it is super rewarding, not only to your experience but also to your resume. It proves that you are capable of managing a schedule outside of school and devoting time to a program or organization that you are interested in.
  • Get a job/internship. There are so many jobs and internships available, whether you find them walking on Franklin Street, using Careerolina, or networking with businesses in the community that you are already familiar with, they are great additions to your resume. Whether it’s a few hours a week or a strenuous, time-consuming job in the summer – it all matters to your resume!
  • Be involved. It’s super easy on this campus! Fall Fest is a great opportunity to figure out some of your interests in the various clubs available around this campus. Sign up to be on club listservs, even if you are not particularly sure about the club.
  • Have a leadership role! It can be super hard to step outside of your comfort zone to lead a group of students the same age as you. However, just like joining a club, having a leadership position is crucial to gaining a worthy role in a community of club members. It looks great on your resume and shows that you possess some critical skills in leading a large group of people.
  • Visit University Career Services. They are truly the experts on helping students create a resume. Whether you need help with the format or just developing a job description – they will help you with all of your needs. They even have a group of students, Career Peers, available to assist you if you feel more comfortable discussing your needs with your own peers.
  • Attend panels designed by University Career Services. Panels consist of experts in specific fields. It’s super interesting to hear their stories – they provide great insight to certain paths you can take to get to various careers. Panel members give great ideas for certain clubs, internships, and even business owners to meet!
  • Attend a resume workshop! There are many opportunities at University Career Services to have Career Counselors and Career Peers look over your resume. What better way to build your resume than to have it proofread by some of those dedicated to resume building?


Building a resume is a crucial part of college. From start to finish, everything you do that involves some sort of experience, skill, and leadership role can be included in your resume. Get ahead of the game and start now!

Caitlin McCormick

UNC UCS Career Peer

Junior Psychology Major

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