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By: Jade Barricelli and Will Taylor

Looking at the scale of formality, how do you decide what to wear to the Job and Internship Expo?  If you are looking for a corporate job, something in finance, or a job in consulting, you will want to dress close to the most formal end of the scale.  If you are considering a job in a more creative field, technology or an internship, then you might want to dress more in the middle or even to the casual end of the scale.

Whatever you choose to wear, be sure that your clothes:

  • are clean and pressed
  • fit you well
  • are not too revealing or distracting

For more detailed information, consider attending our workshop on Professional Dress this Thursday, February 18, from 4-6pm in 239 Hanes Hall.


Jade Barricelli and Will Taylor

University Career Services

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