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As we approach the spring, many of us are thinking about our summer plans. This week, I have some tips for everyone regarding summer plans.

  1. Think about doing something worthwhile this summer. While it is tempting, do not waste a summer away by binge-watching Netflix.
  2. Think about what you can do this summer that will be beneficial to you? Whether that be through school, studying abroad, or jumpstarting your career.
  3. For those of you behind in hours or on the edge, I would consider taking summer classes. Summer classes are a great opportunity to catch up, stay on track or even get ahead.
  4. As a first year student or sophomore, the summer is also a great time to study abroad, especially if you are unable to do so during the semester. Studying abroad is a great, fun experience that can also be very educational.
  5. Lastly, for those of you who are caught up and are focusing on your future after college, I would suggest getting an internship. Use resources such as Careerolina to begin your internship search.



Ali Stephens

UNC-CH UCS Career Peer

School of Media and Journalism

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