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Searching for potential interview opportunities or starting a new job can be a nerve-racking experience for anyone! However, it can also be an exciting time and there is nothing wrong with feeling a little nervous. When preparing for a career, is it important to stay on top of your game! With that being said, get organized! A great way to stay on top of all your future meetings, interviews, deadlines, etc. is to use a calendar. This way, you can see all your important commitments at once allowing you to know what to scratch off the list and what is coming up next! Another great way to stay organized is to make a check list for yourself. Sometimes listing out all the things you need to get done that day can help put your day into perspective, and keep you on track for time. When accomplishing all the goals you set for yourself on your daily agenda, don’t forget to track your success! Be sure to document all the great things you have done, skills you have acquired, or experiences you have encountered on your road to achievement.


Amber Weber

Career Peer Blog Post

February 2nd 2016

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