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One of my favorite professional development experiences was here on campus, at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My freshmen year, I applied for a job within Campus Recreation. When it came time for the interview process, I wanted to make sure that I was fully prepared and that I had all the materials necessary to be a competitive applicant. I had seen a flyer in my residence hall concerning the free resume services that were offered in the University Career Services center in Hanes Hall. I took it upon myself to research when these services were being offered, and scheduled an appointment with a counselor to review the document I already had from past job interview experiences. To this day, I cannot stress enough how helpful this service was for me as a first year student, and I would still strongly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their resume in hopes of impressing prospective employers. Thanks to this service, I was more than confident that my resume clearly outlined my past successes and accomplishments.


Amber Weber

Career Peer Blog Post

February 2, 2016

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