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Not writing a resume because you don’t have the skills and experiences you want is what many people tend to do. To really prepare yourself, you should start writing a resume as soon as possible. At first, it may seem as if there is no point to it. Really though writing a resume early creates a skeleton that allows you to easily add experiences and skills quickly to your resume.  First years and sophomores may not see the efficiency but as you go on to junior and senior year with classes and experiences that deal with your field the benefit of starting early can be seen.

When I was a first-year last year I had a rough outline of a resume from high school. Using UCS drop-in hours, I went to get help from a counselor who quickly showed me that my resume needed a lot of editing. Although, I was discouraged from the amount of errors the counselor really helped me in correcting my mistakes. The help that the counselors give in writing a resume has made me eager in returning and making sure my resume is updated correctly. The one inspiring comment from my visit was that the counselor complemented on how impressed she was that I was already getting help for my resume.

Yohanns Tedla


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