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The opportunities you experience while being here at UNC- Chapel Hill are life changing. These amazing chances are just there waiting for students to take them. The biggest advice I can give while attending college here is that never let an opportunity go to waste whether it is an information session, club meeting, music concert, and sporting events. By taking advantage of these opportunities you can get an internship, network with professionals across different industries. The biggest advantage though is the chance to see if the major you have picked is what you really want to do.

It can be very hard to take advantage of these opportunities especially being if you are in a new environment. Last year, the amount of opportunities presented to me were numerous and I was nervous and afraid to take advantage of them. Although, as the year went on I got less nervous and more involved. Through the events especially two in particular I was able to meet people that could help me grow as a person and future worker. The first event I went to involved helping set up for an anniversary that was being celebrated for an organization. At first, I was hesitant to go help out but decided to help to help out anyway. While helping I was able to make a friend with a university staff member that has provided me with help and support the past year. The other event was a basketball game where I stuck a conversation with an event employee. We talked for a little bit and he then told me to call him if I needed any guidance. Through all the events that are hosted at this school, the one crucial thing to remember is that an opportunity to grow professionally and as person can just be around the corner.


Yohanns Tedla

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ‘18

Computer Science B.S.

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