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Being a transfer student, your first semester may seem a little daunting at points, you may feel behind other students, who did not transfer. You are also likely a sophomore or junior student here. But do not worry, career services here at UNC was a great resource for me during my first semester of transition. The great thing about University Career Services, is that just by stopping by Hanes Hall, you will learn about other things going on, on UNC’s campus. Also the networking nights are great opportunities to connect with fellow students who have similar career interests to you, and get their feedback and advice on classes to take, clubs to join, and other things to pursue on UNC’s campus. One of the reasons my transfer experience went smoothly, is because I sought out the resources of UCS early on, in my time at UNC. UNC has approximately 900 transfer students every year, you are still a First-Year student, and still acclimating to a new campus here at UNC. UNC has many great resources for transfer students, and UCS is one of those resources that helps transferring be a positive experience. UCS is one of the many great resources on campus in Chapel Hill that can help ensure transferring to UNC comes with as few hiccups as possible. And, since most transfers are juniors or sophomores, Career Services will be excellent resource for transfer students who are farther along in their Career Search.

David Vitek | UNC-Chapel Hill ’17

Public Policy

Minors: Entrepreneurship| City & Regional Planning


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