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If you’re struggling with your career path, I recommend taking EDUC 131 Career Exploration. It’s a one-hour pass/fail class that is open to first and second-year students.


I took this class as a sophomore, when I was still undecided about my major and I was feeling the pressure to declare. I hadn’t had much interaction with the tools offered by University Career Services in the past, but this class brought those services right to me. Throughout the semester we took the MBTI and the Strong assessment, both of which are useful when choosing the career that best fits your personality. We also had to conduct an informational interview, which is a very valuable experience, but something students rarely do on their own. To top it all off, we brought in our resumes to be evaluated by our professor, who was a career counselor. Until this class, I didn’t even have a resume, but through this assignment I was able to use the resume outlines on the University Career Services website and then receive immediate feedback on my resume. Through the information I learned in this class, I was finally able to declare my major and start down my chosen career path. This class helped point me in the right direction in terms of a major and a career and it could do the same for you.


Sara Svehla

UNC UCS Career Peer

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