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During your first year of college, you may not know what you want career path you want to take or what resume-building activities you want to start doing. The one thing that every first-year student should be doing, though, is building relationships with professors.


Professors really are invaluable resources. They’re experts in their fields who often sit alone in their office for several hours each week during office hours because so few students take advantage of the opportunity to go see them. During the class itself, they may be willing to help look over paper drafts or answer questions before exams. If they’re doing research in your field of interest, they may be willing to let you help. They also can help you think through majors and potential careers. When you build a great relationship with a professor, they’re usually happy to write letters of recommendation for you, as well, which is always useful. In addition, getting to know your professors can be a really fun and rewarding experience. So many professors are really kind, down-to-earth individuals who WANT to get to know you– you just have to take the first step!


Olivia Bane

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