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You can list job duties on your resume that will attract any employer and help you find a job after college, even if you’ve held only summer or part time jobs.

Have you written memos for your supervisor? Answered phones? Spoken with customers about store merchandise? All of these can be listed on your resume and are great ways of showing off your communication skills.

Did your job require you to learn new software or a computer language? Utilize databases , spreadsheets, or social media? These can be listed on your resume and can show off your technical skills.

Did you serve as a camp counselor and lead a group of children through camp activities? Work with a team to complete a project? This is a way of showing off your teamwork skills.

Maybe you were asked to gather vital information in your internship, perhaps researching an upcoming article, searching for new clients, or learning about your company’s competitors. This is a way of showcasing your research skills.

In summary, no job is “too small” to showcase on your resume. Highlighting the skills you’ve learned on those summer jobs and internships can help you in the long run.

By Christy A. Walker

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