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Even with no summer internship you can gain experience and explore careers.

Volunteer – Find an organization, employer, or industry you have an interest in and inquire about volunteering. This opportunity provides for some flexibility in your summer schedule.

Part-time Job – Working part-time job provides “soft skills” such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and organization that employers are looking for.

Job Shadow – Search for a professional in a career field or industry you would like to explore or learn more about to see and observe what that person does on a day to day basis.

Informational Interview – Seek a professional in a career field or industry you would like to learn more about to hear firsthand the skills and qualifications needed for the field or industry.

With each experience make the most of it. Go above and beyond by taking on additional tasks or creating projects to work on while volunteering or working part-time. If you have interests in research look for volunteer research opportunity on the Office of Underground Research website. Ask thoughtful questions during a job shadow or informational interview to gain better insight into the skills, qualifications, and values associated with the industry, job, or company.

All of the opportunities provide a chance to meet and network with professionals in a career field, which could lead to future internship possibilities.

Use any of the UCS internship search resources to help locate organizations and employers for volunteer or part-time job opportunities. LinkedIn and the Alumni Advisor Network (located in the resources section on the UCS website) are tools that can help locate UNC alumni and professionals for a job shadowing or informational interview experience.

By: Christy Dunston, Assistant Director

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